Sniper Island


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My sis did this with her characters so I thought I should with one of mine uou

his name is Riley Crisp and is actually a potato

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Suleiman! My 6th and final character for the OnePieceCollab on twitter!

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Tried to finish this on time for Usopp’s birthday, but I missed it by a few hours! I was close hehehe. Happy Birthday, Captain Usopp!!

Kid!Usopp, my 5th piece for the OnePieceCollab

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Blue Gilly! My 4th entry for twitter’s OnePieceCollab!!

click here for a better view

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Happy late birthday to my bud lady-moo!!!!!


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Nero, my 3rd character for the OnePieceCollab!

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gift art for kiiyame!!! She’s the best ever!!! 

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collab with kiiyame, who colored this for me ;v;

I really need Jinbei to join the crew. Like really badly. He’d be perfect.

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so i haven’t posted anything here in a while so i’ll show you guys this i guess. kiiyame gave me prompts for different expressions and i chose the characters to draw. this was good practice for me uvu
i don’t normally post OC art on tumblr but there are a few strawhats mixed in there so why not
Crisp is mine, Magee is lady-moo's, Ed is megakarp's, and Katashi is hiddenburrito's.

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